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Letter to the Delegates


Thank you for serving as a delegate or alternate to the Libertarian Party convention in Reno (Sparks). I'm writing to ask you to support me as our next national chair. 


I previously served as national chair from 1993-98, and then as executive director through 2002. During that time...


  • I presided over diverse but largely drama-free national committees. 

  • I talked to every state chair and LNC member between each meeting

  • While I served as chair, membership nearly tripled and fundraising more than tripled.

  • In 2000, we reached our all-time peak of over 33,000 members and raised over $3.3 million dollars. 

  • By 2002, we were booking an average of 56 media appearances every month.


Today we have less than 17 thousand members, we will raise a little over $1.5 million dollars, and media appearances are rare. 


If you elect me as chair I will work with the LNC and our state affiliates to pursue the following goals by the 2024 convention:

  • Double our membership - at all levels

  • Be on track to raise more than $3.3 million in 2024 

  • Average more than 56 media appearances a month 

  • Complete every ballot drive needed to achieve 50 state ballot status in 2024.

Increased membership will help build thriving state and local parties, running more effective campaigns. More members means state affiliates raising more money, attracting more volunteers, recruiting more candidates, and winning more elections. 


You can be confident I can do these things because I have done them before. 


Elect me and I will take the following specific steps...


  • I will add a full-time social media director to our communications team. Social media brought in tens of thousands of new donors during the 2020 presidential campaign - it can bring in new members just as effectively,


  • We will contact the existing 700,000 registered libertarians, and each new registrant, and ask them to become dues-paying members. 


  • We will contact the tens of thousands of lapsed LP members and make the case for why they should rejoin. This is something we successfully did when I first served as chair.  


  • We will recruit new members from among the hundreds of thousands of people who already follow us on social media, and who follow other prominent Libertarians like Jo Jorgensen, Spike Cohen, and Justin Amash.


  • I will make our media outreach more timely. Press releases and social media posts will go out quickly, while issues are trending. 


  • I will work to eliminate in-fighting and drama using the same diplomatic skills employed during my previous terms as LP national chair. It worked then, it can work now. 


That is what I want to accomplish over the next two years as your national chair. Can I have your vote - and your endorsement? 


You can let me know I have your support here


If you would like to be part of my campaign team on the convention floor, email me at and I'll connect you with my floor manager.


The LP can do better. We can regain our lost momentum and become an effective team advancing liberty. Please join me. Together, we can make it happen.


Candidate for LNC Chair 2022-2024


PS: I am sponsoring a hospitality suite Thursday evening in the Grand Suite (room 2951) before and after the convention's opening reception. Tentative times are 5:30 - 7:30 pm and 9:30 - 11:30 pm. I'm inviting all delegates, alternates,  and candidates for LNC (yes, including my competitors) to come up, meet, and talk with each other before business starts in the morning. 


I hope you'll be able to attend and get to know your fellow delegates, as well as  the candidates running for LNC. See you in Reno (Sparks)!

Steve Dasbach

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